• Name: SHT-Super High Translucency
  • 产品介绍: Aconia SHT has the ideal combination of high strength and
  • 介绍1: superior translucency, delivering natural-teeth-like aesthetic
  • 介绍2: effects and stability.
  • 介绍3:
  • Product features:
  • 特点1: High translucency up to 46%
  • 特点2: Creditable bending strength
  • 特点3:
  • 特点4: Accurate reproduction of natural Teeth
  • 特点5: Available in white and pre-shade blanks
  • 特点6: Wide indications for partial, single crown, and bridges up to 4 units
  • 特点7: Aesthetic and monolithic restorations for both anterior and posterior teeth
  • 特点8: White and 16 A-D shades available
  • Pre-shade available:

Chemical Composition

ZrO2+HfO2+Y2O3 >99%
Y2O3 <6%
HfO2 <5%
A12/O3 <0.5%
Other oxides <0.5%


Multi-unit restorations(Bridge) within 4 units; more than one adjacent pontics and adjacent catilever unit are not recommended.

Adaptive system Open System, Zirkonzahn, Amann Girrbach, Wieland
Thickness/mm 10-25

Physical and Chemical Properties

Test items Test results
Density g/cm3 >3.00
Sintered Density g/cm3 >6.02
Chemical Solubility μg/cm²; <50
Radioactivity Bq·g-1 <0.1
Light Transmittance 46%
Bending Strength(Mpa) 1200±100
Fracture Toughness MPa.ml/2 >10
CTE(Coefficient of thermal expansion) (10.5±0.5)*10-6K-1
Cytotoxicity Level-0
Surface Monoclinic Content After Accelerated Aging <15%