Chengdu Besmile Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

No.1666, Chenglong Road Section Two Economic-technical Development Zone Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Logistic Center America

Regional sales

Here you will find the direct contact to our regional sales managers. 
  • Asia Pacific
    Ms. Daisy Yang
    M : +86-28-85317108
    E : daisy.d@cdbesmile.com
  • CIS
    Ms. Xiaorong Liu
    M : +86-28-85317108
    E : xiaorong@cdbesmile.com
  • Europe
    Ms. Penny Liu
    M: +86-28-85317108
    E: penny@cdbesmile.com
    Ms. Chloe Xu
    M: +86-28-85317108
    E: chloe@cdbesmile.com
  • Middle East & Africa
    Mr. Liao
    M: +86-28-85317108
    E: liao@cdbesmile.com
    Ms.Diana Zhang
    M: +86-28-85317108
    E: diana@cdbesmile.com
    Mr.Tommy Zhang
    M: +86-28-85317108
    E: tommy@cdbesmile.com
  • North America
    Mr.Alex Fan
    M : +86-28-85317108
    E : alexfan@cdbesmile.com
  • South America
    Mr. Liao
    M : +86-28-85317108
    E: liao@cdbesmile.com


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