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Chengdu Besmile Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

No.9,Sec.2, Shengwucheng North Rd., Chengdu Tianfu International Bio-Town, Shuangliu District, Chengdu, Sichuan 610200, P.R.China.

Besmile Dental America Inc.

20311 Valley Blvd, Suite I ,Walnut, CA 91789

Contact Info

Here you will find the direct contact to our regional sales and technical support. 
  • Asia Pacific
    Ms.Daisy Yang
    M: +86 18682412051
    E: Daisyd@cdbesmile.com
    Mr.Kenneth Zhang
    M: +86 18898763025
    E: Kennethz@cdbesmile.com
  • Europe & CIS
    Ms. Xiaorong Liu
    M: +86 15756502306
    E: xiaorongl@cdbesmile.com
    Ms. Penny Liu
    M: +86 13402809584
    E: pennyl@cdbesmile.com
    Ms. Leslie Zhang
    M: +86 19881163637
    E: Lesliez@cdbesmile.com
    Ms. Mindy He
    M: +86 15283245745
    E: Mindyh@cdbesmile.com
  • Middle East & Africa
    Mr. Liao
    M: +86 15882242005
    E: liao@cdbesmile.com
    Ms. Diana Zhang
    M: +86 15928129305
    E: dianaz@cdbesmile.com
    Mr. Roy Chen
    M: +86 15184480528
    E: roy@cdbesmile.com
  • North America
    Mr. Alex Fan
    M: +1 6262715990
    E: alex.fan@bsmdentalus.com
    Mr. Paco Peng 
    M: +1 626 216-8938
    E: Paco.Peng@bsmdentalus.com
    Ms. Dawa Li
    M: +1 626 822 0995
    E: Dawa.Li@bsmdentalus.com
    Mr. Bruce Liao
    M: +1 626 890 4852
    E: Bruce.Liao@bsmdentalus.com
  • South America
    Ms.Nina Duan
    M:+86 18227634391
    E: ninad@cdbesmile.com
    Mr.Marco Liu
    M: +86 18380404200
    E:  MarcoLiu@cdbesmile.com
  • Technical Support
    M: +86 19048086542
    E: service@cdbesmile.com

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+86-28-8531 7108

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