[Exhibition]Besmile concludes its exhibition at AEEDC and LMT Labday Chicago2024


In the past February, Besmile excitedly exhibited our in-house dental CAD/CAM total solutions at AEEDC, one of the world biggest dental shows and LMT Labday Chicago, the most influential dental show in the USA. We proudly brought our brand-new product-our intelligent 5-axis dental milling machine BSM-500D to the visitors from the middle east, Africa, America, Latin America etc. and our FDA certified glass ceramics Glazic and Artamic stain/glaze to the America market.


Without the restrictions of Covid-19, our team have wonderful exchanges with the dental professionals worldwide in the aspects of the product, technical and academic trend in person and have profound communication and discussion with our partners and product-users with the endeavor to provide optimized products and service.


Let’s quickly have a review of the unforgettable moments.


*AEEDC Dubai 2024

AEEDC2024 Web Banner 450X300 GoH._proc.jpg

7R405441.jpgAs one of the world’s top dental exhibitions, AEEDC now is attracting more than 60,000 visitors from more than 150 countries each year. It has evolved into an essential cornerstone within the dental community, uniting dentists, dental technicians, other industry professionals, innovators and thought leaders from across the globe.


After the covid19 pandemic, we actively participate in the preparation for AEEDC 2024 to finally make a reunion of our customers and partners in this beautiful February.




This year we showcase at booth SRK10 in Sheikh Rashid Hall from February 6th to February 8th. Our in house well-coordinated CAD/CAM solution were introduced to thousands of visitors coming from afar, including3D Printing, CAD/CAM materials,Milling, Sintering, to Finishing,attracting great attention.


At this convention, we unveiled a Besmile family new member at our booth--- 5-axis dry milling machine BSM-500D. Featured excellent reliability, intelligent processing, and precise milling with a 5μm milling accuracy, BSM-500D will be your perfect choice for not only dental labs but also chairside practices. 

*LMT Labday Chicago 2024

LMT LAB DAY Chicago has always been the most important exhibition dentistry in the US, attracting more than 5200 dental laboratory professionals & dentists from 61 countries around the globe this year, Labday Chicago 2024 became a hit in North America.


This year, we proudly attended the show as one of the signature sponsors and made our marvelous three days from February 22 to February 24 at booth J-22 in East Exhibit Hall, Hyatt Regency Chicago.


Besmile is one of the few who own our own R&D team from CAD/CAM materials to solutions and have material experts, chemical experts, mechanical experts, and electronic experts in our team.


Showcasing the all in house CAD/CAM solution with our state-of-the-art technologies from design to finishing makes Besmile stand out from more than 260 exhibitors this year.


On Feb.22nd, we gave a through introduction to our newly FDA approved products: Glazic glass ceramic and Artamic Stain/Glaze. With these two helpers, lifelike aesthetic restorations are available at your fingertip.


Among our products, Aconia 3D Multilayer zirconia blanks appeal to quite a lot customers. Thus, in order to thank you for all the passion during the Chicago show, we provide limited offers for opportunities to get free equipment by purchasing our consumables. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested.

Again, we would very much like to extend our gratitude to all of you who paid a visit to our booth in Dubai and Chicago! 

See you all in 2025!

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