[BSM-500D] The Perfect Choice for Digital Dental Milling --Simple. Stable. Smart


We are excited to unveil our latest innovation, the BSM-500D milling machine.

This groundbreaking 5-axis dental dry milling machine is set to revolutionize the industry with its unparalleled stability, precision, intelligence, and user-friendly design. Watch the video below to see it in action! 

BSM-500D is a versatile product suitable for both labs and clinics. Through extensive structural and functional improvements, it now offers a range of new features, delivering enhanced stability, high precision, exceptional return on investment, and intelligent operation.


Crafted from aerospace aluminum alloy material, the BSM-500D boasts remarkable strength and lightweight construction, ensuring unparalleled stability and durability. Unlike traditional metal bar fixed structures, our machine features a gantry-type integrated casting structure, providing a solid foundation for long-term milling performance.


Stability alone is not enough; achieving precise results is equally crucial. The BSM-500D incorporates AC servo motors with position encoders to minimize position and power loss during milling. The unique screw rod guide rail significantly reduces errors. In addition, our use of laser interferometers, with a precision of 0.5 micrometers, ensures industrial-grade accuracy.


BSM-500D features an innovative 1/3 disc holder, surpassing traditional round holders with a remarkable 20% increase in material utilization per disc. This means you can produce five additional teeth from a single disc, not only enhancing economic efficiency but also promoting environmental sustainability by conserving limited natural resources.



Our advanced automatic calibration function streamlines the calibration process, ensuring high accuracy with just a single click. No more manual cutting, measuring, or calculating! Additionally, the machine performs 90-degree vertical machining, eliminating the need for time-consuming hand grinding. It effortlessly restores concave features, such as labial and buccal sides of teeth, while capturing fine surface details of restorations.


BSM-500D is equipped with various tools, including ballmill burs and endmill burs, with four specifically designed for zirconia and two for resin. The automatic tool change function allows the machine to handle complex cases, particularly implant restorations, offering greater flexibility and diversity.



With our intelligent working status indication lights, manual inspection is no longer required, delivering you a hassle-free operation.

In case of emergency, the machine automatically stops when the door is opened, ensuring your safety. Moreover, BSM-500D is equipped with high-frequency pulse ion neutralizer reduces static electricity, making the cleaning process easier.



The BSM-500D is your go-to solution for a wide range of materials, including zirconia, PMMA, PEEK, wax, and composite materials. Its versatility makes it suitable for various dental applications, from single crowns to full-arch bridges.


BSM-500D is not just an advanced dental equipment; it is your professional milling assistant. Simple. Stable. Smart. We firmly believe it will elevate your work experience and provide a profound sense of achievement for dental technicians and dentists alike.


To learn more, please contact our distributor in your country or reach out to our sales team. We are delighted to provide additional information and arrange trials of the BSM-500D in the near future.

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